La Perla 2014

Still Sexy at 60

The Golden Scissors Very few people know the name Ada Masotti. But, at Bare Elegance Waxing, we recognize and honor the mark that she left in the world of lingerie—Ada Masotti founded La Perla in 1954 in Bologna, Italy. An Italian corset-maker, Ada Masotti was known as the “Golden Scissors” for her skill in cutting…

Audrey Hepburn #WCW for Bare Elegance

The Elegance of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is the essence of elegance. Look at any poll of “most elegant woman” and you’ll invariably see her at the top of the list. Although she had a successful career as an actress, Bare Elegance Waxing chooses to honor her as a style icon and for the humanitarian work that she was devoted to during the latter part of her life. Audrey’s experiences as a child and young woman helped mold her into the woman that we are crushing on today.